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The Georgetown Spain Foundation is committed to the global education and productive research that takes place at Georgetown University.

Our mission is to increase the number of students at Georgetown who are residents of Spain. To accomplish this, we promote the university among schools and other organizations and create scholarship opportunities. We also encourage social, cultural, and intellectual exchange between the United States and Spain.

The Georgetown Spain Foundation initiated its activities in May 2014 with the objective of positioning Georgetown as a leading academic institution where the most talented students may aspire to achieve their goals.

Board members

Bill Connelly

Joaquín Arenas

Fernando del Castillo

Ivan Glasovac

Pablo Gonzalez Rueda

Guillermo Pla/Mónica Zobel de Ayala

Lisa Schejola Akin

Jose Antonio Vallespir/Maria Luisa Pombo

Rubén Lopez-Rivas

R. Bartley Moore

Ricardo Ernst

Project Team

Ana Kreisler (C’85)
Executive Director

Morella Vásquez

Enrique Valera
Legal Advisor

C = College of Arts and Sciences
B = School of Business
F = School of Foreign Service
G = Graduate Program

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