To promote Georgetown University in Spain

One of our objectives is to promote the university in schools and other organizations in Spain. We can arrange an information session at any school showing interest.

Ivan Glasovac (SFS ’07) during an information session

Residents of Spain at Georgetown

Year Applicants Admitted Enrolled
2016 40 9 9
2017 33 8 7
2018 42 8 6
2019 53 12 10
2020 38 7 4
2021 50 7 6


Admitted students
Students enrolled

To create scholarship opportunities for residents of Spain to study at Georgetown

The Georgetown Spain Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund will provide scholarships to undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need. We depend greatly on the generosity of alumni, parents, and friends to achieve our goal of reaching approximately 900.000 euros over the next 10 years to ensure that the most talented students from Spain may attend Georgetown.

Direct impact

Since it’s creation in 2014 four students have received support from the Georgetown Spain Foundation; either directly or through the Endowed Scholarship Fund.

How to give:
Give by wire transfer (read our wire transfer instructions)

To encourage intellectual, cultural and social exchange between Spain and the United States

The Georgetown Spain Foundation aims to position Georgetown University as an academic partner-of-reference committed to convening purposeful, current, and action-oriented exchanges about the country’s most pressing issues, thus encouraging intellectual, cultural, and social exchange between Spain and the United States.

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